Oral Health Care Do’s and Don’ts in Fort Myers, FL

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Ensuring the state of the teeth, gums, and other oral structures are essential in achieving excellent overall oral wellness. However, not everyone is aware that the steps they take are not the most effective or that it causes more harm than good. To avoid risking the oral health further, we at Independent Dental Care are here to the rescue! We listed down the do’s and the don’ts everyone should remember when it comes to dental health care and maintenance.


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  • Minimize the consumption of sugary and starchy foods to reduce the presence of factors that can lead to cavities. It is also important to note that exposing the teeth in something sweet for long periods is a no-no.
  • Drink water. Although it seems like the simplest thing to do, remember that it is also one of the most important. Drinking a sufficient amount of liquids means that there is enough production of saliva in the mouth. Saliva can keep acids at bay and can also get rid of substances that cling on the teeth for added cleaning.
  • Observe a mouth-friendly diet. Certain fruits, vegetables, and treats contain vitamins and minerals that are needed by the teeth to stay strong. Others even have the ideal texture that can help get rid of deposits that accumulate on the teeth.
  • Make sure to schedule regular dental appointments at Independent Dental Care for our dentist to provide their expertise in keeping oral health in excellent shape. Any complications that are threatening to arise can be diagnosed and treated accordingly.



  • Smoking is not only bad for the body but to oral wellness as well. It can cause the gums to become infected, teeth to discolor, and can even lead to tooth loss.
  • Contrary to what most people believe, brushing vigorously is not more effective than normal brushing. The truth is, instead of positive results, it can even cause damage to the teeth.
  • Do not purchase toothbrush labeled as medium or hard, only choose soft bristles.
  • Avoid using the teeth as tools for opening plastic packets or bottles. It is also not ideal to bite on hard objects like ice, pen, and others.
  • Never disregard any irregularities that manifest in the mouth. If any are spotted, make sure to seek immediate professional assistance.
  • Do not skip regular dental checkups to ensure that the overall oral and physical health is in excellent condition.


If you want to own a beautiful, healthy, and well-maintained oral health, we at Independent Dental Care are here for you. Check out the services we offer under our Regular Dental Checkups in Fort Myers, FL! You can visit us at 13611 McGregor Blvd., Suite 3, Fort Myers, FL 33919.

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